How it Works…

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Your management works with our LoudChat team to setup and define your organization using our web portal. We create an account for each user and place him or her on a pre-defined team.

Each user gets the LoudChat app on an iOS or Android device such as a phone or tablet, in addition to a set of headphones with a microphone.

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At the start of each day the team member will equip their gear:

  • Smartphone or Tablet with the LoudChat App

  • Headphones with a microphone

On their device they’ll select the LoudChat application. They’ll be prompted to login with a username and password.

Teams are setup ahead of time by management but can be changed anytime via our user friendly web console.

The application works in the background of the device- once logged in, users can stay connected regardless of whether they have the LoudChat app actively open.



Once logged in, the user is instantly available to communicate with other team members assigned to their organization.

From one screen the user can scroll through available teams and the users on each team. Each team member has a status badge next to his/her name:

  • Green: Available

  • Yellow: In-Call

  • Red: Offline

The user has 3 communication options:

  • Select a team

    • Click the team name and every available member is instantly connected on a call.

  • Select and individual

    • Click an individual, then the call button and you’re instantly connected on a call.

  • Select multiple specific individuals in or across teams

    • Select multiple people, then the call button and you’re instantly connected on a call.

Once connected, users can communicate seamlessly in real-time, just like a group phone call. They’ll be able to talk, share video, and add additional team members to the active call.



In the event of an emergency, management can instantly override communication and connect with:

  • The Entire Organization

  • Specific Teams

  • Specific Individuals

At the end of the day our goal is to help teams communicate seamlessly across your organization. Better communication makes work environments more productive and safer. Reach out to our team to schedule a demo!